Living Will

Living control your end of life medical treatment and something that everyone needs to consider. Don understands the issues surrounding the use and creation of them.

A Living Will allows your family, physician, and health care providers to make decisions on your continued medical treatment and is only effective when you are mentally and physically incapacitated. It requires that your doctor and another doctor determine to a reasonable degree of medical probability that additional medical treatment will only prolong the process of dying. There are three circumstances when this decision can be made and you get to choose under which of them to discontinue medical treatment. The first is when you are in a persistent vegetative state, the second is when you have a terminal condition and the third is when you have an end stage condition,

The Designation of Health Care Surrogate is not a Florida Living Will but often used in conjunction with a Florida Living Will to allow your agent to make decisions that the Florida Living Will does not cover. It is also important to have a HIPAA release in conjunction with a Designation of Health Care Surrogate to allow your agent access to your medical records to make proper decisions. The new privacy laws prevent your spouse or family from finding out medical information.

Make sure you have all of your affairs in order by using a reliable local attorney. Contact Don today to draft your Living Will and Designation of Health Care Surrogate.